Monday, December 24, 2007

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

This time Daddy is Santa

And she is still freaked out!
Even with her little friend, Brook, they both want to get away.... I guess they haven't learned the buddy system yet!

First visit to Santa.....

Waiting in line for Santa.... Emma loved the light up candy canes!
But she didn't love this Santa
She loves her daddy though
And she wants to go to the north pole
But Mommy would get to cold.

Playing with the dogs....

Emma grabs the frisbee and waves it back and forth...Meanwhile Becca is trying to to be good and ignore this temptation... she is really trying!
At mommies okay Becca grabs the frisbee lightly, Emma pulls and laughs, Becca pulls back lightly.... Just then...
Tucker comes in from behind ( he is always up for playing) and decides he wants in on this. Mommy is not so sure anymore!

At fashion Island in Early December

I just love this precious look on her face.
Once again so sweet!
With Nana and Grandpa Ralph
With Grandma
At Cindy and grandmas on the horse

EMma learned to clap in October and she does it all of the time...
Isn't she darling
Playing with grandpa
Buying shoes with Grandma

All dressed up for Hallween
Our family our first halloween together
Emma was crawling and it looked like a hurt butterfly!