Friday, March 14, 2008

PInk Teddy Bears and Pink Pigs!

Emma is just such a great little girl ... and it is such a joy to be her Mommy! We were just sitting on the rocking chair in her room getting ready for her nap. I was reading books to her and she was picking the books to read like always. Well after the third book she reached down to where her pink teddy bear is, I grabbed him and she hugged him to her... then she reached down for her pig, I grabbed the pig and gave the pig to her, this whole time she is hugging the bear still. She hugged the pig for a minute then gave the pig to me to cuddle, I cuddled the pig, then she gave the Bear to me as well. So I decide to give the pig back to her, turns out she didn't want the pig, she took the bear back instead!
She is a very sweet girl and loves to play with others and share. But I am also soooo glad that she has her own opinions and knows what she likes! I wouldn't be one to raise a pushover....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fun pic's from today with Emma

Isn't Emma the cutest thing ever... She just loves life and is so much fun! looking at this picture she actually looks a lot like a picture of me from when I was her age here. I was dancing in our living room and smiling too. I will try to find it and post it here.
Isn't life fun!!!!
I spy something and I am on the prowl...
Yes, I actually love this doll. But right now I am making mean faces at it.... I can never get the camera out fast enough when she is cuddling the doll which she was doing right before I took the picture.
"Now Tucker, you heard mom and she said to get off the couch. Mom is in charge and then I am next. Are you listening..."

Some favorite new pictures!!!

She loves to go on walks....
Eating dinner with her Daddy
In her cute new dress
WIth her favorite male....
What is this.....

Emma Loves the swings!

Isn't she just a doll walking around the playground like a big girl!
I love food!

And I love Daddy!

Valentine's Day

Before Ryan left for work we celebrated Valentines day as a family. Ryan bought Both me and Emma roses. Emma's roses are the white ones- mine are the red! He is such a sweet Daddy!

I don't remember where we were but i love this picture and how emma is just having fun playing with her daddy!