Sunday, February 10, 2008

I guess I am spoiled

So I found out today that my husband is going to Missouri for two weeks for work. He is an Accountant. I will be alone with Emma and two dogs and working part time. I don't think it would be so bad if I didn't work, but working adds more pressure. We leave at between 6:30 and 6:45 in the morning and Ryan is soooo helpful. He helps me get Emma Ready and puts her in the car when I am finshing getting everything together, he also feeds the dogs morning and night, picks up after them and runs them ( I don't think they will be running while he is gone- the rest I'll manage- somehow) I did it all before I met Ryan, but that was also pre- Emma days, of course. Ryan also gives Emma her bath most nights and puts her to bed. It doesn't sound like I do much does it... but any mom out there knows I do a ton! I work Mon/Tues/and every other Wednesday all day we leave at 6:30 ish and don't get home until 5:00 ish. Long days but then the rest of the week it is all Mommy and Emma time- and Daddy when he is home from work. We asre just so blessed to have a great Daddy and Husband and we will really miss him!

Friday, February 08, 2008

MItt Romney drops out of the Presidental Race

I have been very sad the last few days. If you even know me at all you received emails from me showing my support and why for Mitt Romney. I see him as what we (America) needs to meet the challenges we are facing and to keep us from facing more of them in the future. I sent out his speech to suspend his bid to many people and many have been impressed by it. Some who weren't even voting for him before saw the great leader he is. I think many people will see him as the conservative conscience of politics and his time will come in the future. He pretty much said that in his speech that he will continue to fight for us. I was one who stated that if McCain wins the nomination i didn't think I could vote. After hearing Mitt's speech, and reading it, I know i have to. If only to keep America safe. We may not have the conservatism we need, but we can choose to preserve our safety, our freedoms and our democracy a little longer. I know Mitt said (News reports i have heard) that he would not want to be VP, But i almost think McCain will NEED to go there to win!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Emma's many new experiences.

Emma has been deeloping so fast.... Words she says are Mama, Dada, baby, Bye, Dodi (doggy), and Emma ( just today!), and uh-oh, ahhh, Mmmmm, if those count too! She is an avid reader and everyday loves to look on her bookcases and pick out books for us to read. She also loves to play with the dogs and their toys. She is brushing her own teeth (this one makes us nervous, because we don't know how well she is doing, ut she adament about brushing her own teeth), feeding herself yogurt and cereal with a spoon- just this last week!, and she is now drinking out of a regular cup- but only when in highchair (that is mommy's rule). I am going to make it a goal to update this blog every week from here on out... hopefully I can do it!

Our Days at the Little Gym

We had so much fun at teh little gym and we will do it again some time... but for now we are taking some time off. We will do swimming lessons this summer, and for now we are going to go to Music Makers at our church when we can.

I just did my first somersault! Woah, that was fun!

I love playing with these musical thingys... And i just learned to follow the otheres and hit them together on a beat.
Now I am walking on the wallls! What you don't believe me? I'm sideways but i am walking again!
Matthew... I like this one... where's yours?
Yes, I know, I look like a model, I have all of the poses down... I guess it's all of those great genes I got!

I'm walking.. I'm Walking... Emma started walking here and there a few days before Christmas... but whether or not she chose to walk was up to her! I liked to put her on this because she would always practice! these were taken in early January!

This ball is Mine!!!!!!!

Emma pushing her way through

on and on she goes....

Mommy already has me working out! 1...2....3...4!

Emma on her FIrst real Birthday! January, 7 2008. We went to IHOP and she had this for dinner. Actually it was Ryans and I had Chocolate (of Course) pancakes. and we gave emma some of both- more of Ryan's because they were healthier!
Emma with her favorite man!
She is enthralled by these glasses!
Daddy is helping Emma on her friends horsey!