Sunday, June 22, 2008

Emma and Stella

This is my best friends baby, Stella! These pictures were taken a couple months ago, Here emma is almost 16 months and Stella is 5 months old. Emma loves babies real or the Dolly kind. Baby was her first word after Mama, Dada and Dog! Emma also loves to give kisses and hugs she is very affectionate. Stella gets a kick out of Emma, too!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mmmmm strawberries.....

So the other day we came home from a walk and Emma noticed a red strawberry on my strawberry bush. It was ready to pick, so I picked it, washed it and gave it to her. She loved it. I turned around for less than a minute and she had walked over to my tomato plants and picked a rather samll tomato, but it looked similar to a strawberry. I watched the excitement on her face as she bit into it and then the sour look when it wasn't the sweet strawberry she expected! She is learning something new every day!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Emma knows who is in charge!!!

So this morning I was making pumpkin bread (Mmmmm!) When out of no where I hear Emma running,.... YES Running from one end of our living room and then back and forth with the dogs right on her heals. Of course, she is giggling and laughing and saying No, No, NO! with the dogs right behind her. Well, as it turns out she had a partially eaten banana in her hands and she was playing keep away from the dogs. She is such a tease! She knew they wanted it, and she wasn't going to let them get it. As she is now taller then them this is possible. Being Emma's Mommy is such a joy!

Gardening with Emma

We were going to play in the pool BUT emma wanted to garden instead. she loves to play with my garden tools, so i ot her own kid ones.

Relaxing Saturday Morning

Playing Peek A Boo at knowlwoods one morning for breakfast!
Here I am
I am sooooooooo cute!
Emma loves fountains BUT being a cautiou child she always takes a moment to think it through.
I LOVE french Toast!