Thursday, May 29, 2008


This was Emma's first time searching for eggs and she totally knew what to do.... we didn't even have to show her!

At the park with Daddy!

Emma loves to fly on the swings....
and to slip down the slide.....
and her Daddy....
and she loves the park!

At the beach over spring break

We wnet to the beach with Jenna over spring break. It was emma's frst time at the beach where she could run around. She loved it. We haven't been back but will go soon.

Playing in the sand with toys.
With Brook and Jenna

Santa Ana Zoo

We went to the Santa Ana Zoo with Emma back in March. She loved seeing all of the animals... except for the parrot! For some reason the parrot's sqauwk scared her. This zoo was the perfect size for her and it is a lot nicer than it used to be.

These are the cows and there were horses and ponies as well.

We are feeding the goats
We are watching the turtles, the ducks and some birds.