Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Playing and eating and being darling

These are some pics of parker when he was first playing around. I need to rtake some new ones as these are a little old. He loves to play, and is a great at entertaining himself for short periods.
The other pics are of Parker eating avocado...boy does he love avocado!!!!

Some random pictures of my chunky monkey. It is such a treat to have such a happy little boy!

4th of July

We had so much fun on the fourth of July. We went to our stake dinner and then across the street to watch fireworks from woodbridge lake.
For some reason Emma just loves Jonathon. I think they have eqaul amounts of energy. whenever he is around she has so much fun. Below you see them chasing each other.

Parker and Emma

These are Parkers first real pictures. He has changed so much since then. They are from April. I will add more pics of the kids soon!

These pictures show the many sides of my dear Emma. She is so shy at times and the life of the party at others, She loves to connect with other people and she ADORES her little brother. Emma is the real deal... And I am so proud of her.