Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Our Days at the Little Gym

We had so much fun at teh little gym and we will do it again some time... but for now we are taking some time off. We will do swimming lessons this summer, and for now we are going to go to Music Makers at our church when we can.

I just did my first somersault! Woah, that was fun!

I love playing with these musical thingys... And i just learned to follow the otheres and hit them together on a beat.
Now I am walking on the wallls! What you don't believe me? I'm sideways but i am walking again!
Matthew... I like this one... where's yours?
Yes, I know, I look like a model, I have all of the poses down... I guess it's all of those great genes I got!

I'm walking.. I'm Walking... Emma started walking here and there a few days before Christmas... but whether or not she chose to walk was up to her! I liked to put her on this because she would always practice! these were taken in early January!

This ball is Mine!!!!!!!

Emma pushing her way through

on and on she goes....

Mommy already has me working out! 1...2....3...4!