Friday, February 08, 2008

MItt Romney drops out of the Presidental Race

I have been very sad the last few days. If you even know me at all you received emails from me showing my support and why for Mitt Romney. I see him as what we (America) needs to meet the challenges we are facing and to keep us from facing more of them in the future. I sent out his speech to suspend his bid to many people and many have been impressed by it. Some who weren't even voting for him before saw the great leader he is. I think many people will see him as the conservative conscience of politics and his time will come in the future. He pretty much said that in his speech that he will continue to fight for us. I was one who stated that if McCain wins the nomination i didn't think I could vote. After hearing Mitt's speech, and reading it, I know i have to. If only to keep America safe. We may not have the conservatism we need, but we can choose to preserve our safety, our freedoms and our democracy a little longer. I know Mitt said (News reports i have heard) that he would not want to be VP, But i almost think McCain will NEED to go there to win!


AaronAlita said...

Hey--I used Adobe Photoshop Elements for my blog. It is often used for digital scrapbooking. To read more about it check out my Jan 22nd entry.

AaronAlita said...

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, and I learned to use it on in their University section. The classes are free. While the program is not specifically for scrapbooking, it has everything you would need for scrapbooking. The University has about 30 different tutorials. If you have any specific questions, just ask me, but that's how I learned how to do it.