Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emma's many new experiences.

Emma has been deeloping so fast.... Words she says are Mama, Dada, baby, Bye, Dodi (doggy), and Emma ( just today!), and uh-oh, ahhh, Mmmmm, if those count too! She is an avid reader and everyday loves to look on her bookcases and pick out books for us to read. She also loves to play with the dogs and their toys. She is brushing her own teeth (this one makes us nervous, because we don't know how well she is doing, ut she adament about brushing her own teeth), feeding herself yogurt and cereal with a spoon- just this last week!, and she is now drinking out of a regular cup- but only when in highchair (that is mommy's rule). I am going to make it a goal to update this blog every week from here on out... hopefully I can do it!