Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fun pic's from today with Emma

Isn't Emma the cutest thing ever... She just loves life and is so much fun! looking at this picture she actually looks a lot like a picture of me from when I was her age here. I was dancing in our living room and smiling too. I will try to find it and post it here.
Isn't life fun!!!!
I spy something and I am on the prowl...
Yes, I actually love this doll. But right now I am making mean faces at it.... I can never get the camera out fast enough when she is cuddling the doll which she was doing right before I took the picture.
"Now Tucker, you heard mom and she said to get off the couch. Mom is in charge and then I am next. Are you listening..."


cyndi said...

you guys are such a cute family! some pics i think emma looks exactly like, except blonde, and in others she looks just like her dad. she's a cameleon!

The Wirthlin Family... said...

What a cutie patootie! I love all the new pics and the new background. Very cute!