Sunday, June 11, 2006


Well... Well...
There are alot of hormones flying around here. Becca (our dog) is pregnant and due to have her puppies on June 25, 2006. They are only pregnant for nine weeks. (totally unfair!) With Summer coming and closing out my classroom on June 22, I will have a lively summer taking care of and loving the pups!
I am also pregnant and due on January 6, 2007 - which means Becca and I got pregnant within two weeks of each other! If you know me and how much I adore my Becca you will probably be chuckling now. I joked earlier in the year that we would be pregnant at the same time...
I have had two ultrasounds... the baby seems strong and healthy. I am at 10.5 weeks right now. I have had some sickness although it has subsided and I am feeling better. I continue to be tired, but even that has improved a little. It appears my body is adjusting.
I had a weird dream the other night. I dreamed Ryan and I were talking in bed. At some point I woke up and continued the conversation- when he didn't respond I was upset to find he had fallen asleep on me. Then I realized what time it was and what had happened!
I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow we will keep you all updated.