Monday, March 05, 2007

8 weeks!

Emma is growing strong and is very healthy. As of last Monday (at 7 weeks) she was 12 lb 4 oz 22 and 3/4 inch in length. Ryan says he was a big baby and in my family the babies are all big and then lean out when they get moving. She is 95th percentile in height and 90th in weight. With both our families being so athletic, we are sure Emma will be as well. She is just sooo strong and as far as development continues to be ahead of the milestones. She is always smling and she is such a playful communicater- for what she can do. As of the last week or so she is sleeping 5-6 hours already.

She makes the cutest faces we have ever seen and her noises and squeals of delight just make us laugh! It's hard to get them for the camera though... unfortunately our camera has about a four second delay. She has a very expressive face and it glows with joy! Ryan says she is like her mommy because she is definitely a morning person (unlike Daddy). When she first wakes up she is so happy and talks her baby talk, and smiles and giggles before we even take her out of the bassinet.

We hope you enjoy the pictures......

Emma loves to play on her bouncy seat. We know it's early (development wise) but there are definitely little giggles that escape her cute mouth!
Once again in the swing. She is really filling it up.

This is our precious little buttercup laying in her crib....