Saturday, May 19, 2007

Emma at 3- 4 months

Emma is almost 4 1/2 months old. I have not been able to keep up with this blog because I went back to work. but it is soo fun to put them on here and show her off to you all. She is such a sweet little baby and so much fun. We are finding her to have a shy personality, at least at first when she meets someone. She tends to just stare at you for a while. But these pictures are proof of her dazzling personality.
She is scooting around all over the place and pulling her legs up underneath her and scooting back. I just put her on the floor to type this and when I looked down she had done a quarter turn. We just hope she waits until summer to crawl. Because then I will be home to baby proof everything.
She is an angel of a baby. she is just very cute and loving already. She kisses us and her doll. It is so fun... I hope you enjoy the pictures
Emma is such a strong little girl.... She got her daddy's muscles.
This is Emma in her exersaucer when she first got it in March. She loved looking at everything
Emma playing Piano.... Does she take after Gramine.
Just her angelic little smile. She is camera shy so we have to trick her into these shots.
A very funny face

This Is Emma in her exersaucer now. She loves to play with everything and make it sing songs etc.

This is her flying about a month ago.
Oh no, She found her thumb!!!

Our precious girl taking a bath

Fat rolls galore!!!!!!!!
We love this position.... she is resting peacefully.