Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cute sly faced Emma after eating her first Pizza! She loved it.

PLaying with her Noah's Ark characters she got for Christmas

She is erasing her art board here.

At the park with Daddy and Tucker

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AaronAlita said...

MMMMMM.....Pizza! It is almost a shame to introduce kids to the good foods so early in life. Now she will have to deal with pizza cravings, a feat I still haven't mastered. Oh well. At least she is as cute as a button. Sauce looks good on her. Who knows? Maybe for her next formal portraits you could pour some sauce on her. ;)

Jessica said...

Hey! This is Jessica (Sorensen) - Wendy (Agle) found my blog through my sister and I searched her friends and found you. You have an adorable family and you look great! Just wanted to drop in and say HI!!!

Bonnie & Eric said...

Hey, I saw your blog posted on the Dreagers. Hope you dont mind that I took a look-see. Y'all look like your doing great!! Emma is darling. Your welcome to check out my blog anytime