Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ME .....Tired

Me... Passed out after a long day of mothering Emma and incubating our little boy! I have been so tired and out of energy, but Emma let me sleep until 8 every day of break and i am still in denial that I go back to work tomorrow! Our child is Still Nameless but, Possibly Reagan David, or Jacob Ryan, or Grant (new), Nicholas Ryan or Baby Cakes Cameron!

Random cute photos

We go to IHOP every year for pan"cakes" on the actual birthday... This is Emma enjoying her happy faced pancake!

This is Emma Chasing her friend Matthew

The family at Disneyland for Emma's 2nd Birthday!

Emma was clapping and cheering because she sees a "real live" Elephant

Emma's Birthday Party

Playing around

Emma playing in her new kitchen a CHristmas Present from Grandpa and Grandma Sonksen!

Emma and her best friend Matthew!

Our Christmas Morning

Some Christmas photos...

Emma helping Daddy put together he new bed!