Saturday, June 13, 2009

fun pictures of us at the park and a few others of parker.

I still can't "see" anyhting in the text box when i upoload pictures other than some funky computer language mumbo jumbo... i was going to erase a few of these...but can't figure out where they begin and end. Sooo if you know how to fix this problem... please let me know.

We went to Irvine Park during memorial day and it was sooo much fun! It was a great family day! Emma enjoyed the horsey rides...although at first she was scared and had to make friends with the pony. After that all was good! There are also some pictures of Parker playing with toys when he started playing with them about a month ago...


byers babes said...

So cute. I have Brooke on my lap right now looking at your pics. She keeps pointing out Emma. So fun to see your cuties. :)