Monday, January 29, 2007

Emma spends most of her day sleeping, waking up at times to eat, burp and poop. She's cute when she does all three. Emma parties until the wee hours of the morning. We try to implement a curfew, but she just won't listen. She is very expressive and displays an array of facial expressions that usually tell us what she is feeling. She loves to keep her hands by her face and her arms stretched out when she sleeps.
There was a period of four days where Emma was eating like crazy. She would nurse for 40 minutes, take a 15-20 min. nap and wake up wanting to eat again. It was exhausting for Stacy and left her almost no time to do anything else but breastfeed. The baby help line called it a growth spurt and said that it was completely natural. They urged us to go with it and to give Emma what she wanted. Everyone had told us you cannot spoil or overfeed a baby under six months, but we were getting concerned by how extra chunky she was getting. Then we went to the doctor and found out that we were grossly overfeeding her. Babies are supposed to gain one ounce a day, but over the past 14 days, Emma had gained a whopping 24 oz. She went from the 60% in weight to the 85%. We decided to put her on a diet and are sticking to a schedule that works for everyone. Even though she's fat, we think Emma is still the cutest baby ever.