Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pictures at 5 weeks

It is hard to believe our little buttercup is 5 weeks old. It is so fun seeing her become more aware of the world. On her 5 week birthday bith Ryan and I got seperate smiles from her. Both times she was just waking up and one of us went to her and said "Hi Emma" and she looked at us and smiled. It was so cute.... In the swing again. We will take pictures here periodically to compare her to earlier pictures....
She hates her baths, she cries bloody murder every time. Ryan thinks it is funny because it is just water. Actually last night she was quiet for a couple seconds... Maybe we are seeing a positive change.

Becca adores her little Emma. She is so protective of her and always is right there when Emma is crying to make sure she is okay. When Ryan is taking his turn with a crying Emma at night Becca will come and wake me up to be with Emma.
Getting a massage from Daddy. She loves getting these and they relax her at night. She gets them after her bath every other night and just before bed on the others.
Still getting a massage......
Sleeping... or passed out!
BeautifulBeautiful baby face
I love those lips!