Thursday, August 07, 2008

A new side to Emma

So we had a class from the city today... called Jumping Jacks and Jills. Emma was shy!!!!!! There were probably 18 other kids her age and a little older in there. The first few things they did she knows like itsy bitsy spider, and chicken dance and she just stared at everyone. All of the other kids were participating in some way. she wouldn't do anything... she just stared!!! I bet the other parents thought she was slow. It's a good thing she is so advanced or I would have been scared too! Then we were walking around in circles, hopping, jumping and running. Emma just stood and stared at everyone and I went around with them hoping she would follow... Instead she starting bawling!!!
Yes, she did warm up at the end when we marched with our instruments she joined in and smiled. I hope next week it is better.
Tomorrow we start our Messy Muddy Toddlers class and maybe after today she will be warmed up for tomorrow!