Thursday, August 07, 2008


Some of you know this and some of you don't.... we are pregnant with #2. By the time most of you read this ( Friday) we will be at 12 weeks pregnant. We are very excited and so grateful to be having another one.

For anyone who wonders Emma is already gearing up to be a big sister... She loves to feed her babies and play itsy bitsy spider with her babies. When she sees other babies she is always helpful in terms of bringing them toys, bottles or pacifiers.... So far I think we will have it pretty good. Although the two's seem to be starting early she is fascinated by babies. But we have 6 months and things could change.

As for me, I have not nearly been as sick as I was with Emma. I have felt a almost constant feeling of nausea, but i have only thrown up a few times. However, I am always starving and NOTHING sounds good to me. I can't eat any food I prepare with meat in it, seeing it raw puts me over the top. So it is up to Ryan to cook the meat, or for us to eat out. But the last couple weeks i can eat meat as long as i didn't touch it raw. My choices on what to eat at home are limited and food is getting sooooo boring. Also I am SOOOOOOOOO exhausted! I feel so lazy, but I am just so tired.

As for Ryan, he is not having many symptoms, he is just dealing with the headache of me not being able to eat and felling gross all of the time. But he does it with a wonderful smile on his face! He is excited and not nearly as scared as he was with Emma. He really seems to like his new job, but we are both a little worried as the baby will be born during his busy season.

The ultrasound below is upside down.... but you can see the head on the bottom, the body and the beginnings of limbs. This ultrasound was done at exactly 8 weeks. Like I said we are 12 weeks now so I know the baby looks very different now. The baby is due February 21st!