Saturday, October 11, 2008

So we are having a BOY!!! Yes it is the year of the boys.... and one is coming to us! We are so excited. Ryan told me we were off the hook for #3. It doesn't matter now what we have for our 3rd and final child. He looks a little like an alien in this picture and I figure he gets it from Ryan! He is doing very well and is more active than Emma was. i never felt her move at this point but he loves chocolate! : ) Emma is learning to be careful of my belly and she points to it and says "baby." She was also caught kissing the baby in my belly tonight.
We are all very excited.
When I picked Emma up after the ultrasound and I told she is going to have a baby brother she said "baby brother" I asked if she was excited to have a baby brother and she said "yes" then I asked what she was most excited about and she said "play baby brother" I then said are you excited to share your room with your baby brother and she go very quiet and stared at me. She is a very good sharer, she understands taking turns with toys, and always gives other kids a chance, so I think she was wondering how you take turns with your room.
Ryan is most excited to teach his son to play football, and baseball and to have even numbers at home.
I am excited to see my cute boy and and to love him like crazy!
On our poll to the right... the middle name will most likely be keep that in mind and vote for as many names as you want.
These are few more of the photos from the photo session that I used in our header but never posted.