Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was able to fix our blog and to be perfectly honest I don't know what I did. I just tried the same stuff I tried before and it worked this time! So when I went back to find my old blog template ( I had to erase it to fix the blog) I found this new one that I absolutely love! I will make a new header to match it soon... If you want to look at the Ultrasound pic look at the temporary blog I made until i can transfer it here @ In the meantime look here for new updates.

So an update:
We are at 21 weeks and we can feel him kicking a lot! He already voices his opinions on how I sleep and sit. I have 19 weeks to go and yet I feel SOOOOOOO big and my belly feels so heavy. Emma gets excited whenever she sees the ultrasound pic and she says "baby brother." She is constantly feeding her doll, teaching her to walk, dressing her, putting her to bed, she is going to love having a little baby! She is getting so big and helpful. A few days ago I was folding her laundry and she picked up her pajamas and went to her dresser an put them in. of course when she pushed them down to close the drawer they were no longer folded! : ) then she came back and got her pants and went to her dresser and since the drawer is higher she stood there and said "help me" then when I opened the drawer she said "Thank You." She is also no longer a vegetarian and is giving meat a chance. I love seeing her grow up and seeing her personality blossom daily.


Alita said...

how exciting with the baby. I like the name Isaac. Cute. Sounds like Emma will be ready for the experience of being a big sister. Too precious.

Hugs and congrats!

Bonnie said...

Hey Hey! Congrats on having a boy. All your names are cute its going to be hard to vote. Glad things are going good. Take Care.

Shelly said...

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